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WELCOME TO THE SPRING 2022 PANTHER RUGBY HYBRID FUNDRAISER! Though the in-person portion of the fundraiser is over, you may still participate online!

STEP 1: VIEW BASKETS! We have 43 awesome baskets this year - something for everyone! For your convenience, the baskets are numbered in the same order on the website, the printable list and Facebook for easy navigation. 

STEP 2: PURCHASE TICKETS! Tickets are $10 per sheet...and there are 15 tickets on each sheet. If you spend $50 you get one sheet free (which gives you 90 total tickets) and if you spend $100 you get 2 sheets free (which gives you 180 total tickets).  

Add the tickets to your cart and check out directly from our website (this has been simplified from years prior!) Once checkout is complete, the confirmation screen and confirmation email both contain a link for you to follow to tell us how many tickets to put in each basket 

STEP 3: TELL US HOW MANY TICKETS TO PUT IN EACH BASKET! When you are ready (and definitely before 5pm on Saturday), follow the link from the confirmation email which leads you to a form where you tell us how many tickets to put in each basket. 

STEP 4: TUNE IN TO FACEBOOK LIVE! We will be drawing the winning tickets on Facebook Live at 7pm on Saturday May 7th. You don't have to be tuned in to win - we will call each winner personally and arrange a pickup/dropoff/meetup time to get each winner their basket(s). 
Here's a link to our Panther Rugby Facebook Page. Like and Follow so that you don't miss the live drawing.

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